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The Best Hot Tubs Combine Comfort, Performance and Style

We’re passionate about this business because we know how effectively a spa can release tension from body and mind, relax muscles, promote flexibility, and even alleviate pain. As hot tub enthusiasts, we believe hydrotherapy can foster positive personal change, and that belief influences how we design.

When you use a hot tub to focus on your personal well-being, you experience positive change and transformation every time you immerse yourself. That's the Caldera difference.

Pure Comfort®

The best hot tubs are designed for comfort. We consider comfort an essential element in hot tub design, because it ensures a relaxing experience and enhances the benefits of soaking in hot water.

Pure Performance®

The best hot tubs are designed for performance. To get the best results from your hot tub, it must perform at a high level. A Caldera Spas hot tub is built with the highest quality components to ensure years of dependable performance.

Pure Style®

The best hot tubs are designed for style. Soaking in a Caldera spa is an experience that awakens and delights the senses. From the stylish design to the sculpted seating, every detail is intended to soothe the mind and body.


How can a spas be entertaining as well as relaxing? With details and options such as LED illumination, the sound of comforting waterfalls, and entertainment systems that allow you to create a customized and fun ambiance.

After all, a spa that’s designed to help you relax should help you feel relaxed about the choice you’ve made.

Circuit Therapy

Similar to working out muscle groups in circuit training, our Hot Tub Circuit Therapy® helps you relax and transform areas that store pain, from the bottoms of your feet to the tightened muscles around your shoulders and neck.

The Power of Warm Water

Soaking in a hot tub does more for you than just help you relax. There is actual science behind the benefits of hot water immersion. Learn about how hydrotherapy supports a healthy lifestyle.

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