Premium Leisure Swim Spa


Swim or fitness spas are a growing trend...and for good reason. They are an excellent alternative to owning a full sized swimming pool, or spending costly monthly fees on a pool membership. They create a backyard oasis of both health and fun for the whole family.

Premium Leisure Swim Spas are made of the highest quality materials and have been rated "Best in Class" by Pool and Spa. Each of the models available are deep, which allows for various methods of aquatic excerise or therapy. Whether you are looking for aquatic training, comfort and relaxation, or simply a relaxing end to a long day, Premium Leisure Swim Spa has everything you need.

Premium Leisure Swim Spas

AQ 11ft

AQ 12ft

AQ 14ft

AQ 16ft

Dual Zone 18ft

Swimmer 18ft

Swimmer's Edge

ES 14
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