Trikke Carving Vehicles

The Trikke™ line of products offers fun and fitness to adventure athletes, families, and sports enthusiasts.  Trikke™ products are for anyone who desires the sensation of speed and fluid motion in their sport.  The Trikke™ offers a fun, low-impact workout for young and old alike.  Or try one out if you are just looking to have fun!

Trikke™ products are offered in three different lines: Body Powered, Electric Hybrid, and the Snow Skki. Body Powered offer fun and fitness suitable for the entire family.  The Electric Hybrid gives you more zip with its electric powered front wheel.  The Snow Skki gives you the experience of downhill skiing that’s easy to learn and has no special boots or bindings.

Call or contact us for more details regarding Trikke™ Carving Vehicles.  Stop by our store today to try one out for yourself!

Any Trikke purchase with us comes with free assembly and free riding instruction taught by a certified Trikke Trainer.

Already own a Trikke?  For only $69.95, our Trikke specialist will conduct a thorough inspection of your Trikke and will administer any adjustments needed for your Trikke to perform at its optimum capacity.  Included with the inspection are unlimited training sessions with our certified Trikke Trainer.

Also, visit for more information.

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